Tango Crypto started out as a small group of friends who wanted to trade together on the Binance Smart Chain. Today, it’s still a group of friends – but it’s not small anymore. Tango Crypto is an education-based organization that is designed to teach people about crypto. We want everyday people to be able to purchase cryptocurrencies with ease and have the education necessary to make decisions about what tokens to buy when to buy them, and how to identify what projects are safe versus scams.

Token Vetting

The biggest issue that investors face today is finding safe projects to invest in. The founders of Tango Crypto have tackled this problem head-on. Tango Crypto uses strict criteria to carefully review every project which the members bring for consideration. The criteria which is used includes, but is not limited to:

-Review of Website and social media

-Review/Verification of Audit & KYC documents

-Review of contract for errors/potentially malicious code

-Private interview with developers and owners

The number one priority at Tango Crypto is ensuring that our members are presented with safe projects to invest in. The Tango Crypto motto is, “one percent doubt, it’s out!”

How Members Benefit

Tango Crypto is currently live on Discord. The Discord is open to the public and anyone can join and learn about investing in cryptocurrency. Tango Crypto uses Patreon to allow members to join “Tier 2,” which is where token calls are presented. (Tier 2 is currently priced at $25 a month for all new subscribers.) The founders aim to present Tier 2 with presale opportunities as well. The founders of Tango Crypto also have an extensive network of contacts within the DeFi space and utilize those contacts to find new tokens for Tier 2, before they’re released to the public.

Members of Tango Crypto are also able to expand the group through the Tango Referral program. Any member who refers another person to the Patreon will receive $10 right away, and an additional $5 a month for as long as their referral continues their Patreon membership. There is no limit to how many people someone can refer!


Tango Crypto has an official partnership with Mobile Tradez, a prominent YouTube influencer in the crypto space. Mobile Tradez is an owner of Tango Crypto and contributes to many aspects of the Discord.

Tango Crypto has an official partnership with Ignite-Defi, which is the parent company of Spark Launchpad and Pyre Games. Spark Launchpad is the preferred launchpad of Tango Crypto, and Tango Crypto provides vetting and KYC services for the launchpad.

How Tango Crypto Benefits

Tango Crypto is a registered LLC in the state of Florida, with 5 official owners. Tango Crypto receives revenue from the Patreon, which is used to fund marketing, business development, and staff salaries. Tango Crypto also receives revenue from advertising and paid promotions, (AMA’s, etc.) Tango Crypto does not do paid promotions for tokens which do not pass vetting – only tokens which are properly vetted and safe to purchase will be allowed to purchase promotions.

What’s Next

The team at Tango Crypto is constantly looking to expand the benefits which are offered to all members of the group. Tango Crypto will be looking to offer in person learning opportunities in q4 of 2022, as well as expanding the referral program. Tango Crypto will be continuing to find new opportunities for the members of the Discord, by talking to new tokens and development teams. The founders are constantly vetting new tokens and will continue to do that for as long as there’s at least one person in the Discord.