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The Tango Crypto discord is divided into two sections. There is a free section, known as “Tier 1” which allows anyone to join and check out what the group is doing! This Tier is designed for people with little to no experience with crypto. Our helpful experts are here, and will often jump in to help new users. The main area of our Discord is dedicated to people who want to learn more about getting started with crypto. This section also houses channels dedicated to a number of reflection tokens that Tango Crypto members are invested in.

If you’re looking for more, then Tango Crypto also offers a paid section, known as “Tier 2.” This Tier is designed to build on the principles that were established in Tier 1, and guide new investors in their growth. Additional tools are available to help these members spot potentially malicious projects, and at this tier, the Tango Founders Team will immediately share any tokens they find that look like potentially malicious projects, and also share any fully vetted projects they find! Members at this level get direct access to the main token discussion chat where all the juicy conversation happens! There are also regular interviews with upcoming tokens, called “AMA’s” These interviews are designed to provide members with deeper insight into new projects before they launch.

Access to Tango Tier 2 is gained by subscribing to our Patreon. For only $25 a month, users can gain access to valuable content which will help guide them through the complicated world of investing in cryptocurrency! Click here to join!

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Tier 2 Discord access via Patreon

At Tier 2, Patrons gain access to the main investor chat of our Discord server. In this chat, the founders discuss all the upcoming tokens that have been evaluated. The founders share every token that has been vetted with Tier 2 members. Unfortunately, not all tokens pass the stringent vetting process that Tango Crypto has implemented. Tier 2 members will be the first to know when a token has passed vetting, and often get early access to presales. Tier 2 members regularly get special access to whitelist spots or competitions, as well as occasional access to private sales. The founders are in the Tier 2 investor chat on a regular basis, and host classes and educational sessions several times a week.

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  • Gain access to the main investor chat of our Discord server.

  • Access to all token vetting – Tier 2 investors are the first to know if a token passes or fails vetting.

  • Group Voice Chat for Presales and Token Launches.

  • Details on all the tokens that have been vetted using the Tango 70 point vetting criteria

  • Ability to request that any token be vetted by the Tango founders