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Let’s face it, Crypto can be confusing. There are so many different assets to invest in that it can become overwhelming. We offer crypto education classes on our Discord. Let one of our crypto experts assist you in learning more about this ever changing landscape. Tier one discord access is available at no cost. No credit card is needed, just join our discord and start the process of learning about crypto.

Tango Crypto offers a full education on cryptocurrency – from setting up a wallet, to making your first purchase, and even converting profit back into fiat. Tango has helpful experts in their Discord who are available to help with every step of the process. Check out this summary, and then head to our Discord for more information!

  1. Create a wallet. The first step in getting into crypto is creating a wallet. This can be done by heading to the app store (Apple App store or Google Play.) Tango Crypto recommends that new crypto investors try “Trust Wallet,” which is an easy to use wallet. After you’ve downloaded Trust Wallet, check out This guide for setting up Trust Wallet.
  2. Wallet Safety. Remember to write down your seed phrase! Your seed phrase is the only thing that you can use to recover your wallet if your device is damaged or lost. Tango Crypto suggests that you write down your seed phrase and store it somewhere safely, such as a safety deposit box. Remember, anyone can access your wallet if they have your seed phrase, so keep it stored somewhere safely!
  3. Convert fiat to crypto. There are many ways to convert fiat to crypto. Trust wallet has a built in onboarding solution, which can be used by hitting “buy,” at the top of the app. This allows users to purchase crypto directly with a credit card, from Trust Wallet. Investors can also head to an exchange like and purchase crypto there.
  4. What should I buy? Tango Crypto primarily invests on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC.) There are thousands of tokens on the BSC which are available to purchase. The experts at Tango Crypto are skilled at skimming through the dozens of new tokens that are coming out every day and picking new launches to invest in. Tango Crypto Tier 2 members have access to all the new token calls. In order to purchase the majority of tokens that Tango Crypto is involved with, you will need “Smart Chain BNB,” which is the foundation of the Binance smart chain.
  5. Transfer crypto to wallet. If you purchase your smart chain on an exchange, you’ll need to transfer it to your wallet. In order to do that, you’ll need to head to your wallet and find your address. An address is a string of 26-35 alphanumeric characters which identifiers your wallet from anyone elses. To transfer your tokens, you’ll need to find the “send funds,” or “transfer funds” button on your exchange. Paste your wallet address into the transfer, and hit send! The exchange may require you to enter your password, or enter your 2FA information before you can proceed with the transfer.
  6. Trade with PancakeSwap. Yes, it’s actually called Pancake Swap (PCS.) PCS is a decentralized exchange – it allows users to trade with a tokens liquidity pool, without storing any assets on the exchange itself. PCS is easy to use, but has some advanced features like “slippage,” which require a bit of experience to use properly. Slippage is a function which allows a user to set how much above the asking price for an asset they are willing to pay. For more information about how to use slippage, Join our Discord.

Below are some links to some helpful resources for learning more! Feel free to come hangout with us in Discord as well, where our team of experts would be happy to help you!

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Tango Crypto Positive review from client

Tango and his discord helped me understand crypto. As a newbie, I was lost. Tango and his team guided me on the right projects to get involved with and also his philosophy of “1x-4x1x” has already helped me make money and keep making passive income.
If you have a desire to learn more tier 2



I think everyone is still coming down from the hype and excitement from the Everreflect launch. So people are excited and talking and enjoying their weekend and wanted to share on here. I’ve been with tier 2 since November and they have released 7 or 8 quality tokens since then that have changed my life forever.



Tier 2 has gifted us with whitelist spots before and we all get on launches together and have a blast! We also have classes that teaches and the knowledge we gain is second to none. The community is amazing and positive. Pull the trigger and see what we’re about.