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              Website: Whitepaper Twitter: YouTube: Reddit: Instagram: CryptoVillages (@cryptovillages7) Build, Conquer, Earn - CryptoVillages is a play-to-earn game where users acquire real-world wealth while gaming! Followers 2426 Tweets 52 Twitter YouTube CryptoVillages CryptoVillages is an NFT, play-to-earn game where you build an [...]

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AnonyDoxx, LLC.  AnonyDoxx ($ADXX) Verified by Eric February 23rd, 2022 KYC Document   AnonyDoxx, LLC. Our native token, AnonyDoxx ($ADXX), is built on the Binance Smart Chain. We have created and are implementing a background check protocol that takes a step further than the general KYC services offered in the market. Our use [...]


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