AnonyDoxx, LLC.  AnonyDoxx ($ADXX) Verified by Eric February 23rd, 2022
AnonyDoxx KYC Document

KYC Document


AnonyDoxx, LLC. Our native token, AnonyDoxx ($ADXX), is built on the Binance Smart Chain. We have created and are implementing a background check protocol that takes a step further than the general KYC services offered in the market. Our use case upon release will be to verify new developers on a cost-neutral basis in exchange for offering our holders whitelist spots. AnonyDoxx, LLC owns three other companies with technology and AI valued at around $1M with no debt. These companies can be viewed at,, and The three companies combine to make a full recruiting and hiring suite geared primarily toward tech roles (C++, Full Stack Developers, CTO’s, etc). is a state of the art video analytics software also geared toward tech recruiting. It grades candidates on everything from body language to voice inflection to quality of their responses which allows employers to vet a large amount of candidates in a short amount of time. We have limited overhead and contracts with everything from small companies to large international organizations like MetLife. These are currently SaaS based products. We are going to use the AnonyDoxx protocol to establish an international brand for hiring web3 developers while creating our own blockchain allowing us to convert our current SaaS based products to BaaS based products. We will be a layer 2 chain using $ADXX as a store of value and a means to settle transactions. We estimate that we will be ready to run on a testnet by year end with a final product coming ou next year. This will effectively make us the frontrunner in both full ATS services on the blockchain and makes us the first company capable of hiring for and within the MetaVerse on a mass scale.
All of our entities are fully registered in the United States and we can provide proof of ownership at your request. We have a team of 6 with various levels of experience. My name is Jonah Burglin. I have 10+ years of banking experience primarily in the commercial space and currently work for a large financial institution. I own 42.5% of the company while my brother, Jordan Burglin, owns 40%. He is an executive recruiter with 15+ years of experience and the founder of This information is a super high-level overview of our products and plans. We can go into as much detail as you would like as to how the tech works and what steps we are taking to convert our services to BaaS while establishing the API’s necessary to operate the AnonyDoxx Protocol