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We strive to create a welcoming environment for anyone interested in crypto – from the people who have barely heard of it, to the experts who know everything there is to know about investing in cryptocurrency. Our Discord is home to some of the premier experts in the crypto space, as well as a helpful and welcoming community. If you haven’t joined yet, why don’t you come check it out?

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Crypto Education and investing Strategy

The philosophy of the Tango Crypto group is very simple. We seek to earn passive income through reflections received from tokens that reward holders in BUSD, BNB, or other assets. Many tokens choose to impose a tax on all buys, sells, and transfers. This tax allows for the holders to earn money whenever the token is sold, because a percentage of that buy, sell, or transfer is given back to holders. The buy and sell philosophy here at Tango Crypto is simple. Invest x dollars into a coin, and when it increases in value, sell your initial investment amount, and leave the rest in to collect reflections! The amount of increase you want is dependent on your personal investment strategy, but we suggest that you wait for a 4x before withdrawing your initial investment amount. After this, wash, rinse, and repeat! The goal is to end up with a mountain of reflection tokens that send you passive income every day!

Learn about our system that reduces Taxes and allows you to receive  Reflections (Dividends)

We have created a system that allows you to invest in a crypto project and recover your investment while still receiving reflections.  There are so many projects out there but which one to invest in.

FOMO Buy Launch Buying and DCA on the Dips

Crypto Coaching

If you are interested in learning more about cryptocurrency and the culture around it check out our discord server.  Here you will find out how to get started with crypto.  We offer simple and easy-to-understand tutorials.

Crypto Education

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